The Hip-Hop Classics Podcast

The show that examines hip-hop and rap's greats, one classic album at a time. Hosted by Matt Fish.

Oh hello there!

I create and manage online content that helps people connect and enhances their personal and professional knowledge base. My goal is always to educate, inspire and provoke further discussion or thought about topics that I’m passionate about, especially music, movies and the physical expression of one’s creative muse.

Matt Fish interviews JB Smoove from "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

A perfect example of that would be my podcast, The Hip-Hop Classics Podcast, where I preside over weekly deep-dives into the greatest albums that the genre has to offer. It combines my deep-rooted love of music and my fascination with pop culture history, giving me the opportunity to develop relationships with tons of like-minded fans online. That sense of community is the side of podcasting I’m most passionate about.

My broadcasting background includes previous stints in a hosting and/or producing capacity for radio stations like Montreal’s Virgin Radio 96, 94.7 Hits FM and NHL Network Radio on Sirius/XM. I’m also a working DJ, another passion that I’ve been fortunate to translate into a business. You can listen to some of his live DJ mixes online.

Most recently, I’ve enjoyed stints as a writer for the popular blogs HotNewHipHop and LastWordOnSports. I’m currently a Content Specialist at Amilia, a position that has led to me obtaining my Inbound Marketing certification via HubSpot. I’m excited about using my content creation talents in the exciting world of digital marketing.DJ Matt Fish, black and white.

In my downtime, cooking and exploring the world of classic cinema are among my favorite hobbies. You can check out my personal blog here and follow me on social media for updates on projects I’m working on!


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